Cindy served as my developmental editor on my second novel for close to eight months. I found her to be professional and friendly, and her critiques were always constructive. She made the most astute comments I have ever received from any writing coach or editor. I have highly recommended her to my writing friends. Hands down, she’s great! I look forward to working with her again on my next project. – Terri Weiss

Last year, I was searching for a writers group, and the name Beach Shack Writer's drew me to it immediately. Since then, I have attended all of Cindy Whitman's writing workshops. They provide opportunities to write, share, and learn. Writers share their stories and hone their skills. As someone who has always wanted to pursue a career as a writer, Cindy and Beach Shack Writers have provided me with the growth I was seeking. During the time I have been a member of this writing group, I have seen a vast improvement in my skills. The blog I have been writing weekly for years has grown in followers, and I am now working on a memoir with Cindy as my Developmental Editor. Cindy meets with me privately after having read and edited and made suggestions on my submissions as we work through the chapters. Thanks to Cindy's mentorship, I also just had my first published byline in Pink Magazine. Better blogs, a book in progress, and a magazine byline all in less than a year and ALL due to Beach Shack Writers and Cindy Whitman!! – Donna Raboni Pizzolongo

An award-winning writer and Pink Magazine editor, Cindy Whitman holds an MFA in Creative Writing & Literature from the esteemed Bennington College Writing Seminars. Insightful commentary, a sharp eye for detail, and a well-trained ear for voice and story are Cindy’s editorial and coaching strong suits.

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